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Home Economics Workshop Abouts

Home Economics Workshop Abouts (Create Quality Home Environment & Sophisticated Lifestyle)

Wei-Chuan’s Home Economics Workshop was initially established in 1961, after more than 50 years of dedication, it has become more than just “the oldest Home Economics Workshop”, to a specialized school without the formal school system. 

During the early years, Wei-Chuan Home Economics Workshop’s main focus was on cooking classes based on Eastern / Chinese cuisine. With a large number of praises on excellent results in these classes, the workshop started to add more subjects including flower arrangement and beauty classes into the workshop in 1963. Along with enriched teaching materials and skilled teachers, the workshop not only attracted more than 500,000 graduates from all cultures in the past 50 years, it also gathered numerous domestic schools, government agencies, civil groups and compatriots from all across the world.

Create Quality Home Environment & Sophisticated Lifestyle are the main focuses the organization always strives for, along with the trend, we’ll update the latest content in our subjects, aiming to take Quality Home Environment to a whole new level.

Home Economics Workshop Structure

Home Economics Workshop Structure


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