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Wei-Chuan Cooking Classes Also Offers Packages For Companies / Groups

Wei-Chuan Cooking Classes is one of the oldest in Taiwan, for more than 50 years. With innovation and change in our minds, our menu offers a wide spread of international cuisine including Chinese / Eastern, Japanese, Western and even fast food. Due to the demand, our fully equipped kitchen also includes an observer area for students to watch and learn. We also make sure all our teachers are certified professionals in order to ensure the one-of-a-kind cooking / learning experience.  

Cooking Class Outline

Classes Content
Specials and Festivals

Chinese New Year Dishes, Chinese New Year Cakes, Moon Cake, Zongzi, Ginger Cookies

New Year Cakes

Radish, Sponge, Taro Cakes

Moon Cake

Egg yolk, Pineapple, Cranberry, Green Tea, Green Beans etc..


Meat, Vegetarian Zongzi

Chinese Cuisine

Pickled pork, Kidney, Fried Fritters, Mince Diced Chicken etc..

Taiwanese Snacks

Meatballs, Fried Dumplings, Squid soup, Oyster Omelets, Smelly Tofu etc…

Braised Food

Tripe, Liver, Chicken Wings, Chicken, Seaweed, Dried Tofu etc…

Seasonal Food

Plum, Taro Cakes, Sour Cabbage, Korean Kimchi etc…

Winter Food

Chicken Wine Soup, Ginger Duck etc…


Shrimp, Flower, Asparagus, Avocado Yam etc…

Japanese Set Meals

Fried Shrimp, Ginger, Barbecue Set Meals

Japanese Noodles (Ramen)

Noodles making, Soup flavoring etc…

Steamed Buns

Whole wheat, Meat, Cornish, Vegetarian etc…

Chinese Snacks
(Dim Sums)

Dumplings, Pancakes, BBQ Pork Buns etc…

Noodle Dishes

Braised Beef, Tomato, Cold noodles etc…


Tofu, Bean curd etc…


Frozen Chicken, Apple Chicken, Smoked Fish etc…

Hot Pots

Spicy, Japanese, Italian, Korean etc…

Western Meals

California-style Tuna Fish Steak, Corn & Cream soup, Pork Chops etc…

Western Desserts

Caramel Pudding, Finger Biscuits, Cream Puffs etc…

Western Bakery

Bread, Grape Rolls etc…

Cooking For Children

Chinese, Western, Fast Food etc…

Cooking For Overseas Students

Chinese, Western, Fast Food etc…


Low Carbon Diet

Group Package – For 8 or more guests only, 10 or more guests receive 10% discount.

Group Package – For 8 or more guests only, 10 or more guests receive 10% discount.
Other than these scheduled modules, we often add more delicacies according to the season and special festivals. Cooking instructors not only give tips, share ideas and experiences, they are also to pass on new creations and flavors to each and every students, all our staff consists the most sincere heart, aiming to offer modern families a complete healthy yet delicious diet.

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