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Floral Design
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Japanese Style

One of the Japanese styles of floral design, used by Japanese royalties, suitable for homes

(Noon) 02:00pm-04:00pm

Fee:TWD 2000/ 8 sessions
Beginner:TWD 1,600/ 8 sessions
Intermediate:TWD 2,400/ 8 sessions
Advanced:TWD 2,800/ 8 sessions 
Instructor: Ms Lin

Western Style

Most commonly used, as seen in floral shops, shows and exhibitions

(Morning) 09:30am-11:30am

Fee:TWD 2000/ 8 sessions
Beginner:TWD 2,800/ 8 sessions
Intermediate:TWD 3,200/ 8 sessions
Advanced:TWD 3,600/ 8 sessions
Professional:TWD 4000 
Instructor: Ms Lin

Floral Lifestyle

All sorts of Japanese styles, suitable for homes


Fee:TWD 1,000/ 4 sessions
Materials:TWD 1,400/ 4 sessions
Instructor: Ms Lee

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