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About Us
Wei-Chuan Cultural-Educational Foundation


Cultivate Professionals
Promote Family Harmony
Devoted to International Cultural Exchange
Establish Peaceful Society


Happy Family
Friendly Society

Corporate Culture

Positive Action , Sustainable Innovation
Sincere Advocacy, Love & Trust Devoted
Warm & Caring, Mutual Trust & Aid
More Responsibilities, Less Criticisms


A Sophisticated, Humanely Concerned Organization with Encouragement Towards Wisdom of Life and Harmonious Society.

About Us

Since the establishment of Wei-Chuan Cultural-Educational Foundation in 1979, the foundation upholds its objectives of “Happy Family”, and “Wonderful Life”. Aiming to “Revitalize Families” as a starting point, commitments and dedications were focused towards improvements on “Social Education” and “Cultural Services”, offering workshops ranged from Home Economics to workshops for both Seniors and Children, providing a learning atmosphere with opportunities to experience all different aspects of living. For example, our “Home Economics Workshop” feature lectures including Eastern / Western cooking classes, floristry classes, beauty and cosmetology classes, “Workshop for Children” offers gaming activities, winter / summer camps, cross-strait cultural exchange programs and International drawing contests. “Workshop for Seniors” also includes lectures on various topics such as vocal singing, English / Japanese language literature and relaxing monthly trips especially tailored for the elderly to participate in, all of above are professional services offered by our organization.

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