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Workshop for Seniors

Workshop For Seniors學員

“Workshop for Seniors” by Wei-Chuan Cultural & Educational Foundation provides an excellent atmosphere for seniors and the public to gather and enjoy a wide variety of exciting activities, including Mandarin / Taiwanese karaoke, English / Japanese language literature, dancing, and Chinese calligraphy and painting. All classes are kept at minimum for professional, certified teachers to ensure exclusive attention to each individual.

Senior Well-being Lectures

The 2 hour long lecture is held on a weekly basis, every Tuesday morning; senior groups gather and share thoughts on different topics, including health & well-being, everyday life, sports & activities, travel & tourism and safety issues. It is one of our most popular lectures that have been up and running for over 15 years due to its popularity and the large number of participants.

Outdoor Recreational Trips for Seniors

Every month, we’d arrange custom-made outdoor recreational trips exclusively for our senior participants. Gathering seniors and the retired from different backgrounds, offering a fun and friendly social atmosphere to meet and interact with each other through exciting activities in the outdoors.


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